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Presidential teleprompters (paddles)
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Often Called “Presidential Teleprompters” because of its popularity with Presidents. We’ve prompted every President from President Ronald Reagan through President Barack Obama and every Canadian Prime Minister from Prime Minister Brian Mulroney through Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Podium teleprompting allows public speakers to deliver their speeches heads up and hands free with good eye contact with the audience.
Podium Teleprompters are excellent for Political Events, sales meetings, annual general meetings , and other events where eye contact with the audience is required.

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Monitors-- Free standing, straight view, floor wedges
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For broadcast and non-broadcast events including Award Shows, Concerts, Charity and Fundraisers, and any other occurrence where a clear stage is needed.
We offer a large selection of monitors ranging from 15 inch to 80 inch, or signal to house monitors and house projection screens, as well as rolling monitors or monitors in wedges.